Silver City Guard! AAAArgh!

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User Info: Doopdedoo

6 years ago#1
F%%&!!! Every 3-4 turns rows 2&3 are wiped out, how are you supposed to be able to bear that?

Can't get enough sets going on in the 4-6 rows. Jeeze this is stupid

User Info: Round_Dice

6 years ago#2
Thorn crown artifact, takes off 2 of its hp per turn, just tank it out.

User Info: ACasser

6 years ago#3
Yeah, this was an annoying fight. Here's what I derived from this fight:

* Heroes and Champions are useless, because they'll never get a turn off. Therefore, don't bother bringing them to the fight.

* Your basic units aren't going to get an attack off, either, unless you manage to put two stacks of differing colors in the same row immediately following the enemy spell. So don't bother with them, either, except as wall material and/or cannon fodder to absorb incoming enemy attacks.

* What the guy above said: the Thorn Crown will do a lot of work for you.

* Finally, you can set up your hero spell to do some damage for you. It isn't easy, but it can be done.

User Info: ShadowAi

6 years ago#4
If this is the necro battle in academy, ghosts should be the only thing you need since they are immune.

User Info: OtakuGamera

6 years ago#5
^ this, all the battles requires certain units from the factions that fights them.. the first one needs ghosts since they're immune.. the 2nd one, the elves fight needs druids to mess up the titan's timing.. and the third one needs angels to heal your formations (though i just use knights to bust through them)
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User Info: Jazzwind

6 years ago#6
First fight - Thorn Crown and walls worked fine. Use the Sacrifice when you see he'll die from the Crown's DOT.

Second fight - Ring of Life (you're gonna die - that's fine). Druid either Titan on the ends, one druid for the Middle Titan. Build walls like crazy. You have to knock the end titans out of synch (either one) or they link and that's too much damage. I used a Druid on the middle Titan to buy more time to build walls. When the first Titan goes off - if you built two or three rows of walls, it shouldn't kill you. Your spell will be charged - use it on the other Titan about to go off IN THE MIDDLE. The Titan on the side about to go off will kill you. That's fine - that's what the ring is for. Keep building walls. When you die and come back, your walls have to hold. Shooting the middle one weakened it enough if you got enough walls.

Third fight. Easiest. Don't attack. Walls. Walls. Walls. Equip the Stall, equip priest (ONLY priests), and they will drain those 50 hps away from Mr. Magician in no time.

Took a while, but that's what worked. Second was the toughest. Damn Druids in the way. LOL.

User Info: GottlosesVolk

6 years ago#7
2nd one is easier with the the artifact that increases the druid ability for each linked formation by 1 turn.
Just used druids and archers (it's easier to link base units with a different charging time than the elite u wanna support).

With this strategy u can just delay 2 or even all 3 (if ur lucky) titans till they die.

User Info: Doopdedoo

6 years ago#8
Thanks for the tips everyone, very helpful!

User Info: LightEater

6 years ago#9
Yeah, thanks a bunch :)

Also, this has got to be the worst of the five campaigns. Seriously, you get a linear path to follow (no bounties, no riddles, no grinding opportunities), weakest core units, crappy artifacts at the beginning. It feels rushed.

User Info: TrenchcoatFlash

6 years ago#10
Use Ghosts. Otherwise equip the minion with the most PWR (10 iirc) and make walls and link to increase your magic and 2 spells it's over.

And yes, it is the worst. You must grind your low levels against lower hero leveled but higher unit level (the important one) to take out an opponent one over from the spot you just barely cleared. LIMITED CHAMPIONS until you reach the top of the tower (ie when they get killed you can't respawn them), horrible artifacts, and a hero spell that, let's face it, either rocks or sucks completely all based off luck, which most of these battles rest upon when you're as skilled as you can be.
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