Note to those ordering/getting Zeebos from another country

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User Info: Ryoma234

6 years ago#1
Hello! I'm a collector of games and systems. I obtained a Zeebo a few months ago and want to share some important experiences. I already knew what to expect mostly except for when I saw no color on my video.

For starters, if you get one and live in NTSC territory such as the USA, get yours from Mexico since their video format is also NTSC. If you get your Zeebo from Brazil, you WILL NOT get color because Brazil is the only country that uses PAL-M format for video signal. You'd need to get a video signal converter box such as the Shinybow SB-3690 ($130 US). This box has a good decoder/encoder inside and will allow PC/S-Video outputs and various resolution changing schemes so your RCA on the Zeebo will look sharper when getting color to appear (RCA looses sharpness through a video signal converter when out-putting RCA from RCA). The unit also includes Composite, S-Video, and PC cables in the box.

As a collector, it's not worth regularly playing the Zeebo at all and since the Zeebo 3G Network isn't available outside of Brazil/Mexico for the time being, and you will not be able to run any updates or download/purchase content/games. If you plan on wanting certain games, have the games on it before you get it. The games for the most part are OK, but wear quickly. The good games such as Quake I and Quake II are really nice to play... but the controls for ALL games are not very customizable and it is hard to use the joysticks--not even South Paw features. I got my Zeebo for the full purpose of having Zeebo's Double Dragon (I'm planning on doing an anthology review across 27 Double Dragon games from various systems in the future, excluding PC/PC-type versions). And yes, that makes me stupid! :)

I hope someone finds some of this information useful.
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User Info: HeeroYuy0905

6 years ago#2
You actually have one? What's it like?
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