Best PVP class and why?

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User Info: jdragon21

5 years ago#1
Out of all the classes and the current advance classes which is the best one to PVP with? The top dog? Thoughts?
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User Info: AdFwee

5 years ago#2
As of right now it would have to be sm because a good one can keep you down until you die with nothing you can do. When the cap gets raised though it will be a different story
AdFwee 785, NA
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User Info: jdragon21

5 years ago#3
Atm I have a lvl 16 mystic. I was told they can be good in pvp. I'm trying to decide if. I should keep on with mystic or possibly delete and go with a pally or ele
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User Info: Twizzler321

5 years ago#4
If you want a new char for pvp, just make 2 chars. With the 24 cap, you'll have plenty of time to make extra characters, so there's no need to delete any.
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User Info: CookieSundae

5 years ago#5
Hm... ill say mercenary bec they're good at 1v1.... Ele is good too. =D

SKILLS/stradegies > classes xD my opinion c:

User Info: Defunctive

5 years ago#6
Mystics don't have timestop yet, their essential pvp skill. So most say they're quite hard to use.
LoL - Defunctive

User Info: monk1550

5 years ago#7
Just saying, but all the people saying "paladin left click = auto win" are lying. It actually takes alot of skill to get that combo going, and it also takes skill to maintain it. I learned this when I tried pvping with my paladin.
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User Info: jdragon21

5 years ago#8
Normally i wouldn't delete a character, but i already have a 24 Priest, 24 Acrobat, and a 18 SM, so id have to either keep going with Mystic or delete for something better.
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User Info: andrew000000

5 years ago#9
I thought you could have 7 characters. If so, you shouldn't delete any characters
LoL IGN: andrew000000

User Info: jdragon21

5 years ago#10
7? I thought it was only 4. Ill have to check when I get Home later.
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