Sharpshooter, Crossbow or Longbow?

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User Info: Ryu Kennea

Ryu Kennea
5 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I just started the quest to become a sharp shooter, heading to Temple of Sleepers now. What weapon is the preffered choice for Sharpshooters, and why? Longbow seems ideal in that it does slow burst damage, but the crossbow's 3 rapid shots are nice...

I can't decide, help!
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User Info: Ryu Kennea

Ryu Kennea
5 years ago#2
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

5 years ago#3
You bumped your topic for....?? It's already at the top and it's not very active here.

But it depends on if you are going sniper or artillery. If you are going sniper, you should be using a longbow. If artillery, then cross.

However, since you aren't at that point unless you aren't playing NA DN, then usually people will prefer a longbow for the time being due to it's longer range and that it provides more crit.
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User Info: HuNtErZeRo

5 years ago#4

-Free piercing shot for every 3rd arrow shot.
-More crit
-Higher top end physical damage
-Longer Range
-Best for Sniper since sniper skills use your physical damage stat.

-the third shot requires a half second or so of you standing still to fire.


-Can run and shoot at the same time
-Fires 3 shots for every click
-More Magic damage than Longbow
-Higher Low End physical Damage

-Less Crit
-No free piercing shot
-Lower Range

Basically, the Longbow is best used if going for sniper, and Crossbow is best used if going for Artillery. Sniper skills get their damage from your physical attack stat and the Longbow gives the most physical damage. Artillery skills get their damage from your magic attack stat and the Crossbow gives the most magic damage.

Right now, im a Sharpshooter using a longbow. I have 1602 high end damage, and about 4.5k crit. My third piercing shot hits for 9k-14k when it crits. I'd like to see a crossbow do that =)
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User Info: Gen2000

5 years ago#5
Crossbow was better pre-Saint Haven's since we didn't have much skills to rotate with so you found yourself using normal shots a lot in between. The third shot of Longbow screwed up a lot of people who know how to control it.

Now with all these skills you should try to aim for a Longbow for it's better stats to abuse with the better skill rotations now. You could probably keep a Crossbow on the side for kiting purposes in specific situations but should be rolling Longbow.
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User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
5 years ago#6
Crossbow seems to be bugged last time I checked (pre-patch) and I seem to rarely get three shots per auto-attack (usually 1 or 2), drastically lowering DPS when kiting so I'd go with longbow.
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User Info: Gen2000

5 years ago#7
The third shot depends on your FPS, if it sucks you only get 2 shots else you get the normal 3.
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User Info: Saka84

5 years ago#8
Depends on play style actually, personally i prefer crossbow cause i prefer kiting more than spamming skills, but i always take with me 3 weapon, shortbow, crossbow and longbow all the same level equipment and same level enhancement.

Longbow does indeed have longer range and higher max damage output but it is slow, it is ideal if you play in group since your role is only for pure DPS dealer. Do take note that all SS skills are geared toward using a longbow so that's a plus for any SS player.

But sometimes life ain't that easy for SS, ever found yourself online and no friend to go partying with? And seems all effort finding some alternate party unsuccessful, or simply wanna get that achievement clearing abyss solo? Using longbow sometimes in these times only will get you dead, being SS does not mean you dont use shortbow or crossbow, crossbow is good when the room is tight and enemy swarming in to you (abyss mode) and it can also uses all SS skills. Shortbow is good when the enemies are agile and look to latch into you whenever possible and knocking you down (only happens in solo and why dont you play acro if you like these styles?), shortbow excel in dealing with this run and attack condition of course you should fully utilize your acrobatic moves also, damage output would normally come from the almost instant skill, so SS skill specific for long/cross are not much in use here. But of course you could always uses longbow.

In the end it depends on your situation and preferences. Personally as SS i prefer crossbow due to my play style and tendency going solo into dungeon. Cross / Long each has their own advantage, in fact i do strongly recommend you to experience with both to get a feel which advancement class will you go from SS, sniper or artilery.
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