Why is it crashing?

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User Info: Chitose_Nanbu

7 years ago#1
The first time I played it I was in the boss battle during the prologue and it crashed. Then I tried it again on a lower setting and it crashed during the first cut scene. Why?

User Info: Anti Hero

Anti Hero
7 years ago#2
It could be various issue from drivers,system spec or bad coding in game.

User Info: Oreogasms

7 years ago#3
I crash every time I try to do Dungeon 2 on Boat 2.
It happens after I pay my tokens. -.-
PSN: Oreogasms

User Info: Tsunaka_Baka

7 years ago#4
Except you only lose tokens when the boss is killed.
Random NPC
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  3. Why is it crashing?

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