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quickslots 4 and 5...

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User Info: VG_Veteran

6 years ago#1
Ugh, don't tell me such an integral gameplay feature as having an adequate amount of quickslots is a paid feature...

mostly doesn't matter, but it'll be hell for Evie, who has spells she needs to bind to those measly three.

User Info: AznDoDo

6 years ago#2
Off top of my head, she the only one that gets quick slot #4, I believe towards the end of Boat 1. The quick slot #5 ( or quick slot #4 for the others ), I'm not sure when they get it.

User Info: cookietheif

6 years ago#3
Evie gets all 5 quick slots. I don't remember when she gets the fifth.
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User Info: VG_Veteran

6 years ago#4
Oh, so they're unlocks... well that seems appropriate.

User Info: gejsiv

6 years ago#5
As I recall you get the fifth when you learn how to make a campfire and the sixth after you get your first sp skill.
-gejsiv- :/
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User Info: Dante200X

6 years ago#6
Sp skills aren't really a quickslot...
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