Increase attack speed?

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User Info: goose_juice

6 years ago#1

How do I go about doing this? Im confused.

User Info: goose_juice

6 years ago#2

Currently Im at 0

User Info: gejsiv

6 years ago#3
Weapons that are +6 or greater give additional attack speed.

Insane Reaper (an evie sp skill) at rank 9 or greater increases attack speed.

The enchant scrolls Pride, Valor, and Blood Lust (as well as others i don't remember) all increase attack speed to the weapon it's used on. Enchant scrolls typically cannot be found until at least level 50.

Certain lv 61 weapons start with a faster attack speed. For example, all of the weapons in the Dreamwalker set start at +9 attack speed.
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User Info: AntiH3ro97

6 years ago#4
btw, insane reaper only gives attack speed to the one who casted it.
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