Easiest Class to Solo?

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User Info: SeraphLance

6 years ago#1
I made a Fiona thinking it was her, but now I'm not so sure, as I'm caught in a Miasma trying to solo Boat 5 (and failing miserably). Is Evie or Karok better at it, or is Fiona still pretty much the best around?

I know it sure as hell ain't Lann.
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User Info: CustomCube

6 years ago#2
Karok can solo fairly well, given his high damage output and Absorb Shock effectively making him invincible if you know how to play. Staff Evie can put out a ton of damage too, but unless you're really good at the game you'll need a distraction (ie. other players or a Golem) in order to be able to focus on damaging a boss instead of running away.

Fiona can solo very easily; you just need to learn a boss's patterns, and that's usually more easily done in a group than alone. If all else fails, just bring a large shield to every fight and Heavy Stander everything so you can learn whether or not a boss uses smash attacks a lot. You're not going to get fast kills no matter what unless you're a hammer Fiona; you will have safe, secure kills though.
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User Info: HyperlordBender

6 years ago#3
S Tier:
- Fiona
- Staff Evie

A Tier:
- Pillar Karok
- Scythe Evie

B Tier:
- Sword Lann
- Unarmed Karok

C Tier:
- Spear Lann

F Tier:
- Shieldless Fiona

User Info: chocomog

6 years ago#4
No one agrees with me here, but I find it fastest to solo with Scythe Evie on non raids. You have crazy range, and Dark Knight Evie cuts through bosses like they're, well, wheat. A Reverse Gravity and two combos is enough for several Boat 6 bosses on Hard.

Bloody thread's range and your partial immunity to ranged attacks, plus ridiculously strong shields makes trash mobs completely trivial. And if transformation's not ready and the boss is actually hard enough to require it, you have three different distractions - Wisp, Mana Pistol, Golem - to get free hits really easily.

Scythe evie has an easy time with Boat 5 because that Dypsnea s*** barely makes a dent on her shields, while with Fiona you're taking 300 damage if a random attack connects.

Finally, you really don't have to learn boss patterns. If they're attacking, you get out of the way, or let your wisp or mana pistol take the hit(s). You don't have to learn which attacks are smashes and which ones are normal attacks.

I will say that Staff evie is far superior in raids and for tough bosses (Chiulin, Titan, Thor, Larken) though.
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