Nude Patch ?

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User Info: jimuser

6 years ago#1

A nude patch would be cool ! Perfect for this game.

Anyway, I find this game better than withcer 2...

User Info: SilentPanda

6 years ago#2
"Now, there are basically four people in the building. Batman, Two-Face, Gordon, and his family." - SIlvanus350

User Info: gejsiv

6 years ago#3
Blimey that looks terrible*.

And moddable, you might wanna delete that post before some mod finds it...

* I especially like the line in her arm texture where you clearly see their inability to transition.
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User Info: olgert56

6 years ago#4
jimuser posted...

Anyway, I find this game better than withcer 2...

lol, thanks for the laugh. Anyway, it's called porn. Go and look at that instead.

User Info: FoolsFolly

6 years ago#5
Sure porn has better graphics. But the gameplay gets boring really fast =/
Proud Hikikomori. It's not a mental disorder, it's a lifestyle choice.

User Info: jimuser

6 years ago#6

Fun! Do u have a link for that patch ?

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