why are most gears players so dumb?

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User Info: 3starborris

5 years ago#1
i just won a KOTH match where i had 4 bots on my team, and the enemy team was full of shotgun whores.

i was able to basically stand on the point and gun down the entire enemy team before they ever got to me. they only times i really died was when someone decided to go all the way around the map, and get me from behind. the sad part is that if even a single person on their team were to have switched to their rifle, their team would have easily been able to capture the point.

i know you like your shotgun, but do really have to gimp yourself so severely in some situations? try taking out your rifle if the enemy is farther away, and knows your there. you don't look so stupid, and you may actually kill him.

User Info: themagicpainman

5 years ago#2
Gears 1 stigma.
Slow your roll.
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User Info: MashYouGood

5 years ago#3
Shooters are casual by their very nature -- why do you think Call of Dullards is so popular; it's gameplay? lol! xD

Gears has always been casual in its own right.

Gears 3 was touted by it's lead designer as being the Gears to 'break down the learning curve barrier' (whatever that amounts to in a game like this).

Dumb games attract (/breed) dumb gamers.

...Do the math.

User Info: jaytee979

5 years ago#4
It's just the way it is. People did this on Gears 2 Annex as well. They still do it now. You know what's worse?

When you're playing on a team that thinks this is Execution or Warzone and just goes around killing instead of capping.
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User Info: Seantkd92

5 years ago#5
I don't know, other than shooters being much simpler to pick up than other genres in my opinion.

I'm standing in the middle of the ring with my retro out and no cover around. A single enemy decides to rush straight toward me with his SO out.

GT: Murranizer

User Info: MacadamianNut3

5 years ago#6
I was on a KOTH team a couple hours ago where I was literally the only person going for the ring. Everybody else looked like they were trying to boost their K/D stats. I mean, when it gets to the point where I'm dancing and dodging around the entire enemy team (no exaggeration) luring them away for like 10 seconds and my team still can't capture the ring, you know something is wrong

But I did enjoy making a SOS user rage quit after I got tired of his crap, switched to retro, and gunned him down every time he tried to bumrush me
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User Info: idrc82

5 years ago#7
Give it a couple months or so for the dumb ***** to move onto other games. Speaking of which earlier in a match one of my team mates kept on spouting obnoxious remarks about the other team saying stuff like omfg these guys are pus**** for taking cover when I'm shooting at them! Or remarks about the sawed off being cheap just cuz he keeps rushing the other team. Sigh... Every online shooter pretty much has these people. Good part though is they don't stay playing that long. Just wait for mw3 to come out, it'll be like a magnet to them lol.
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User Info: slimepunch

5 years ago#8

Gears 3 has attracted a lot of noobs to the series. Probably because its the only big exclusive of the year for 360.

Like another poster said eventually they'll move on.

It's a shame to get loads of great players on Horde in Gears 2, to get stuck with a load of noobs who don't know what they are really doing in Gears 3.

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