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User Info: DarkMessenger56

7 years ago#1
After watching the trailer over and over again, I have nothing but high hopes for this game. While Tri was in no means a bad game, it was IMO a step down for the MH series. Underwater combat was lacking something (taken out now fortunetly), some of the new monster designs were poor (I'm looking at you Navaldeus), and while I know they were trying to make something fresh, they took out TOO much, with only 3 monsters from the older generations, sometimes you miss fighting the old guys. MHP3 looks to correct that, with already more of the original monsters (of course that damned Tigrex couldn't go away), most of the positive changes Tri implimented (New weapons/moves, monsters like Agunacotl, Belios, etc.), BALANCING the old and the new, as well as throwing in a couple tricks of its own (Am I the only one who's fallen in love with the new battle theme, especially the bit from 1:40-1:54). But that's just me, what do you guys think?
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User Info: LtRickGrey

7 years ago#2
I'm with ya. I think i was the only person depressed to see the gunlance go. But hell yeah for a new monster hunter on the psp!!! Especially when you consider that the wii game does not really look that much better then unite.

User Info: oblivion1090

7 years ago#3
^ what?
MH3 looks way better than unite.
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User Info: The_Bobodrome

7 years ago#4
I'm going to miss the underwater battles. Was really looking forward to more underwater bosses, like a turtle or eel or something/anything.

But I'm just glad there's finally a new MH game.

User Info: Jenkens

7 years ago#5
Well bobo, you seem to forget about MHTriG. More underwater battles will be fought in that one.

Also fighting a lao sized turtle would be awesome.
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User Info: diabloDAB

7 years ago#6
"Wait, what?"

Watch the trailer.

"Great, another 500+ hours of my life gone."

"...on second thought, I'll wait for it to get the MHFU treatment so I can get everything in one game."
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User Info: The_LuXx

7 years ago#7
Capcom should just make a constantly expandable version of Monster Hunter like Frontier, but for the PSP and all the expansions are Data Installs from UMD/PSN (which makes high capacity memory sticks a must).

User Info: special_quest

7 years ago#8
Yes, totally expendable. We can download a new monster, map or quest. Wish they make the downloaded data, accessible by a computer, so we can back it up.

User Info: The_LuXx

7 years ago#9
You can back it up on computer with Sony Media Go, but you have to first initially download it onto your PSP either via wifi or through Media Go whilst having your PSP connected via USB cable.

I think it'd be more profitable if they just sold expansions via psn.

e.g 1 new monster $5-10
You get 1 new monster (with 2 colour variants), 2-3 quests from each distinct level, i.e Elder, High Rank, G rank
12-24 (24 if there is a colour variant) weapon branches related to that monster's materials (1 of each type that improves to a final rarity 9/10 weapon)
6-12 (12 if there is a colour variant) armor branches related to that monster's material, i.e 3 blademaster, 3 gunner armor of each rank Elder, High, G
2-3 new gems that cant be crafted from that monster's materials
Free quests you can download related to that monster once you have that monster.

1 new map $5-10
You get 1 new map (with a day theme and a night theme), 10-20 quests with monsters you have (default or downoaded) related to that map from each rank i.e Elder, High Rank, G rank hence about 30-60 new quests.

I'd be willing to pay for expansions like this, and this is just PSN expansions, you could buy batch expansions from UMDs for $30

User Info: gk2012

7 years ago#10
I'm glad that all the weapon types are kept intact, with the addition of the slash axe... :)
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