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User Info: Sonsaru

7 years ago#1
Let's kick this off. I posted this list on the 2nd board but it needs to be on the real board.

Once there's enough info I'll put a proper re-release FAQ together, but that will be a while away yet.

* Release date is end of the year for Japan. Although rumors of a worldwide release are stalking the boards, Capcom had this to say to IGN : The following information is for the Japanese release of this product. Capcom officials have contacted IGN to confirm that plans for a North American or European release are not ready to be announced at this time. This effectively means no world wide release.

* Infrastructure for multiplayer was originally claimed to be in by early reports. Now this point has become unclear - it may, as in the past, just refer to download content. Official word needs to be waited for on this point, but I would say, don't bank on it, at least in the Japanese build.

* Weapons are great sword, tachi, hammer, sword and shield, twin blades, gunlance, hunting horn, lance, bow, slash axe, light bow and heavy bow. All of them!

* It definitely isn't just a port of Tri.

* Village is called Yukumo.

* Village chief is a beautiful, middle-aged woman.

* Recepcionist is very cute.

* Mixed sex hot spring.

* Lots of very oriental touches.

* Includes the gorge area from MHF - maybe? The stage might just have the same name, did not confirm the stage itself in the vid. The desert, ice and volcano stage appear to be taken from Tri, however.

* Neames of three new monsters are Lightening Wolf Dragon Jinouga, Aoashira and Gaava. Jinouga is obviously the "poster boy" monster who appears at the end of the trailer / in the art work. One of the other two is probably the bear.

* No underwater.

* Many things that are totally new to 3rd.

* Monsters from Tri will also appear - Dosjagi, Kurupekko, Basal, Kotol, Rudorus and Reia [Tri version?] can be seen in the trailer.

* Weapons have been considerably changed.

* Not as many quests as P2G, but more than P2.

* Armor uses the skill points system.

* You take 2 cats with you.

* You can customize cat armor.

* Cat weapons can be cut or hit damage.

* A new communication element is added to deepen multiplay. Still a secret for now.

* You can use Kanji and other Japanese alphabets for character names (until now they were only in English even in the Japanese games)

* No carry over from P2G.

* All of the "promises" that a MHP game must keep, will be kept.

* P2 is not the base of the game, much of it has been totally remade.

* Monster movements and graphics have been greatly improved.

* They want you to be thinking - "Can they really have this many monsters moving with this quality of graphics? And you can do this too...?!"

* Q - Does it feel like Tri to play? A - It isn't P2G or Tri, but something new.

* Cat Village is out in August.

Trailer on YouTube Capacom Channel

Official Site - Onl really trailer there at the moment

User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
7 years ago#2
* Monster movements and graphics have been greatly improved.

I don't see it, TBQH.
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User Info: OvErDoSe13

7 years ago#3
Reading this has got me really excited. I wonder how the skill point system will play out.
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User Info: mazereon

7 years ago#4
Sticky requested.

One major issue: "This effectively means no world wide release."

This is misleading; it should say there's no CONFIRMED release date yet for the non Japanese version. Capcom have confirmed a localised English version already.

Otherwise, great work :)
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User Info: The_Bobodrome

7 years ago#5
Aoashira is the armadillo bear
Gavua/Gaava is the ostrich bird thing
Jinouga... just looks really badarse

They say there are two new areas. One is the "Stream" or Mountain Stream. Not sure what the other one is. Seen some cliffs/high areas. I also think I saw some Bamboo trees. A bamboo forest would be cool, although it might just be another area in the Stream.

User Info: Bo6

7 years ago#6
Hunting Horns, **** yeah! Can't wait to see what's new with them!
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User Info: dib153

7 years ago#7
hasn't the MH franchise always used skill points?
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User Info: Sonsaru

7 years ago#8
Only the original MH didn't. I guess they confirmed it more to say the system will be relatively similar, rather than something totally different. Hopefully they will keep the accessory system from Tri too.

User Info: dib153

7 years ago#9
ah, i see

what in the hell is a tachi tho? a longsword maybe?
fear my blade

User Info: Sonsaru

7 years ago#10
Yeah, long sword. You'll have to forgive me using the Japanese names, I've never played a MH in English and I'm gone from the boards long before the localized ones come out, so I tend to use the Japanese names for stuff.
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