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User Info: fatalisis

7 years ago#1
* Confirmed 1st Gen monsters: Bullfango, Rathalos, Rathian, Diablos, Aptonoth, Kelbi
* Confirmed 2nd Gen monsters: Anteka, Bulldrome, Nargacuga, Tigrex
* Confirmed 3rd Gen monsters: Bnahabra, Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, Qurupeco, Barroth, Gigginox, Agnaktor, Royal Ludroth, Barioth, Uragaan, Giggi, Altaroth, Delex , Rhenoplos, Jaggi, Jaggia
* New monsters include:
o Gagua (Bird Wyvern): An ostrich-like minion commonly found in the Mountain Stream.
o Aoashira (Pelagus): A blue bear monster with powerful arms.
o Jinouga (Fanged Wyvern): A thunder wolf wyvern who is quite agile and uses lightning to power itself up.It's also the Flagship-Monster of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
o Urukususu (Pelagus): A white rabbit-bear monster from the Tundra region who uses its belly to slide around.
o Great Froggi (Bird Wyvern): Similar to the Great Jaggi, this alpha raptor uses poison stored in its neck sac.
o Froggi (Bird Wyvern): The Great Froggi equivalent of Jaggi.
o Black Tigrex (Flying Wyvern): A Tigrex subspecies in the volcano with a greatly upgraded roar.
o Zuwaroposu (Herbivore): A green rhino-like Herbivore in the Flooded Forest.
o Hapurubokka (Leviathan): A desert Leviathan similar to Gobul in structure.
o Rangurotora (Pelagus): A volcanic Pelagus that looks like an Armadillo. Rolls and attacks with its tongue.
o Barroth Subspecies (Brute Wyvern): A subspecies to the Barroth that's covered in Ice and lives in the Tundra.
o Royal Ludroth Subspecies (Leviathan): A subspecies to the Royal Ludroth that is colored purple with a pink mane.
o Qurupeco Subspecies (Bird Wyvern): A subspecies to the Qurupeco. This subspecies has no visible throat sac and an array of different colors.

Famitsu magazine held a poll in their MHP3rd article about which previous monsters they'd like to see return to MHP3rd. Here are the results:

1. Yian Kut-Ku
2. Nargacuga
3. Tigrex
4. Rathalos
5. Rajang
6. Deviljho
7. Kirin
8. Khezu
9. Jhen Mohran
10. Yian Garuga

User Info: fatalisis

7 years ago#2
And a bit more information:

Based on the data Capcom left in the trial, a list of the amount of equipment and other content that will be available in the full version of the game was made. Data is not binding and may change in full game.

* 678 Melee Weapons (MHF2: 592; MHFU: 1149)
* 213 Distance Weapons (MHF2: 167; MHFU: 353)
* 1128 Armor Pieces (MHF2: 1498; MHFU: 2091)
* 978 Items (MHF2: 959; MHFU: 1260)

User Info: Beetey

7 years ago#3

Copy/paste from the wiki?

User Info: LolFinny

7 years ago#4
Why the f would people want kut-ku?

User Info: SonfMetalGear

7 years ago#5
People would want YKK because half the people who voted in the poll are scrubs and couldn't get to the other monsters, let alone beat them. So they voted for the easiest pile of **** ever so that they could actually beat something in the new game without effort.

User Info: Mister Leonheart

Mister Leonheart
7 years ago#6
Why the f would people want kut-ku?

If there is one thing I've learned in my 23 years of life, it's that people just effing love nostalgia.
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User Info: qwerty557

7 years ago#7
Awwwwwww man does this mean no Deviljho...=(?
Hmmmm 'signature' should I bother...

User Info: Darksun45230

7 years ago#8
*Points to Brawl Board*
*Points to Dissidia Board*

Nostalgia is close to godliness.
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User Info: Rue

7 years ago#9
I want Kut-Ku in... Especially the blue one.

User Info: Nowe242

7 years ago#10
Kut Ku would be a good addition to the game, as long as it wasnt as much of a pushover as it was in MHFU/MH2ndG
if it is, the should make it smaller and call it a minion.

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