Nargacuga marrow

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User Info: espada619

6 years ago#1
i hunted over 10 nargacugas and still no marrow :( , any tips on how can i get 1?

User Info: AmethystEnd

6 years ago#2
I got multiple from the hunt 3 naruga hotspring quest.
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User Info: The_Situation69

6 years ago#3
it only shows up if you hunt 11
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User Info: angeltst

6 years ago#4
its better den hunting jin's plate.. i've got 3 to 4 of them by hunting around 20 narga, where i got only 1 plate hunting at leat 20 jin..
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User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#5
Just do combo quests, you seem to have a higher chance of getting them in two/three monster quests.

I got one in the Drink tri-Naruga quest, I also got one in the elder Naruga/Jinouga quest.

Unfortunately, I didn't really give a flying **** after I got it, as I need other stuff, but I distinctly recall getting it from those quests.
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User Info: rockmanx00

6 years ago#6
Did the drink quest got one after cutting off all tails and capping all. Did it a second time capping one and cutting two tails but got two marrows.

User Info: Trance_IX

6 years ago#7
Its random I've broken only its face and got 1 in capture rewards section.
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User Info: Junseikei

6 years ago#8
Narga's marrow is a tail and capture reward. 3 Narga hot spring quest also has it as a quest completion reward.

Jinouga's plate was easier for me to get (2 plates out of 3 fights). Narga... needed 8 marrow (now going back and getting 3 more for upgrades) and fought him well over 20 times.
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