need help on drink quest!

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User Info: NicoYu

6 years ago#1
im not exactly needing help on the quest. but rather need help unlocking the quest

my hotspring quest is 7/7 finished - gold clear
my drink quest is 18/xx finished - silver clear

ive finished all the village/guild quests already, all gold clear. so now ive no idea how to unlock the remaining drink quest. any idea what i should do?

in past experience some quests appear to be doable after a few quests get done. so i tried doing some guild quest and hotspring quest, but it doesn't seem to change or anything

User Info: Newts_Ute

6 years ago#2
Would help if you said which drink, or at least which drink skill you are missing.

My best guess is you are missing the drink skill for Dismantle[Hi]

That requires you to do the unstable quests and kill the random monster that appears at the end 3 different times
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User Info: NicoYu

6 years ago#3
i always killed the sudden appear monsters. so im not sure.
and im playing the english patch version, YET the drink section is not patched.
well, not the names of the drinks anyways

here are the drinks i already got
- atk up lg / def hi / explorer
- atk up lg / def lo / escape artist
- def up med / kickboxer / gust
- def up med / escape / guidance
- def up med / hypnosis / strongcat
- res up / guts / escape artist
- water res up / demolition / retention
- thunder res up / explorer / courage
- ice res up / demolition / martial arts
- dragon res up / resilience hi / combine hi

so from the list, im assuming im missing a drink that will give my cats fire res up?

User Info: draewon

6 years ago#4
you must be at least HR6 in order to unlock all of the drink quests,its useless to kill 100 WARNING monsters if you're still at HR4 or so......
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User Info: t3hVeG

6 years ago#5
I'm guessing you're missing the goldenfish drink quest, if so go do some random gathering quest and find a fishing spot (tundra being the best place simply because there is one in the starting zone) and fish up 15 fish. Complete the quest and you should now have the "Fishing Goldenfish" unlocked.
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User Info: NicoYu

6 years ago#6
im already at HR6, and im currently hunting all the monsters that got unstable mark quests
some of them are cleared afterwards, but some just keep coming back -.- usually the ones that have different colour/elements
also i just finished 3 *warning* quests in a row earlier, 2 Nargacuga 1 Rathalos, so i dont think hunting for the unstable quest is what i need to do :/

but yea i rarely fish, so i think ill go give that a try

User Info: Newts_Ute

6 years ago#7
There are actually 20 drink quests so you are missing two.

Looking at your list, you are missing Defense up Large, and yeh there is a quest for fire res up.

Here give this a go, it has then English and Japanese names for the drinks and quests.
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User Info: NicoYu

6 years ago#8
yea, i was going to repost something. but the suggestion you guys gave before didn't really work out, so i kinda gave up.

i was buying a drink, and i suddenly realized i completely missed a page.
but still, its just a silver clear.

alright so i was rapidly spamming quests on HR4~6, killing every unstable quest i can.
but still no advil, no new drink quest pop up. i fished for around 20 times, and no new drink yea, ive no idea what else im suppose to do

User Info: Newts_Ute

6 years ago#9
Those suggestions were just a guess because you didn't really give us much information, we just told you the commonly missed ones. Did you check that link I posted?

Just look at your drink quest list, and go through that link to see which quest is missing. You don't even need to look at the drink name, just see which monsters you have to hunt. It has the unlock conditions on there too
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The aftermath of April 1st:

User Info: NicoYu

6 years ago#10
yes >< thank you so much for that site. i finally got all the quests done now!!!
that site helped out alot! thanks so much :)

btw, hope this wont be too annoying -.-
just a question, im trying to get the all area award thing - Hunter's History i think?

it saids 20 quest clear area on all maps - which coming the way from HR1~6, im pretty sure i got that done already. but it also said clear 10 times elder dragon maps.

so what is exactly elder dragon maps?
i mean, akantor, ukanlos are elder dragons, but do i need to clear 10 times each for each elder dragon map? or just any of the elder dragon map 10 times?
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