When do you capture?

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User Info: immanuel_aj

5 years ago#1
Hi, I've only just started on the HR5 monsters and I'm having a hard time figuring out when to capture them! Low Rank monsters always limp away when they've been hurt too badly, so you know you can capture them at that point. But the High Rank monsters, they take ages to start limping even though you'd be able to capture them at that point.
I was just fighting a Rathalos for 45 min (yes, I'm not very good :P) without him limping even once when I thought I'd just try and see if I can capture him and it worked! Honestly, is there some other indication of when the capture point other than getting the right armor skill? By the way, I'm playing solo since my PSP can't connect to the router so I'm not sure if there's a difference in multiplayer. :S

User Info: it_r_over9000

5 years ago#2
High rank monsters will limp if you give them the chance, but it probably won't happen if you're playing with multiple people and beating the living daylights out of them. The only real way to tell is, like you said, to have the armor skill.

However, once you fight enough monsters you will gain an ability to just tell if a monster is ready to cap based on how long you've been fighting and how long it's taken you to kill/cap the monster in the past. My friends and I are all pretty good at determining if a monster is cappable or not from having fought so many things.
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User Info: Omegaman007

5 years ago#3

I believe, and someone more knowledgable can correct me if I'm wrong, that you'd want armor with Capture Guru.

For HR armors I'm seeing it in Hunter (you have to gem it in though), Guild, and Nargacuga U (subspecies).

I'm sure someone will chip in if I missed one.  Hope that helps!

User Info: draewon

5 years ago#4
it only take 5 gems to complete the skill, and its very cheap and easy to make

and if you're lucky, you can find a +9/10 talisman with that skill when mining, enabling you to put that skill of virtually every set with 1 to 0 gems needed
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User Info: immanuel_aj

5 years ago#5
Thanks guys! I think I might try the farming for talismans one of these days. Seems like that with one or two gems might be the best way to go.

User Info: draewon

5 years ago#6
actually, i got that talisman when i no longer needed it, the desire sensor is crueler in the charm department rather than monster drops in this game.

so farming isn't actually the best way to get what you want, its not wanting it that will get you cool stuffs
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User Info: fallenswords

5 years ago#7
i think theres a skill that tells you.
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