What Weapons do you use?

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User Info: Ruca1122

5 years ago#1
I use all melee but dual swords is my most fav.

User Info: monceblank

5 years ago#2
i'm using all. melee and ranged. and my favs is GL, LS, and HBG.
... just ignore me ...

User Info: BladeofFalcon

5 years ago#3
I use all but SnS and HH.

User Info: aegilnet

5 years ago#4
SnS and Hammer are my two favorites.

User Info: radguy040

5 years ago#5
I use LS SnS GS and DS.

User Info: Sliver_Fata_Z

5 years ago#6
lance and gunlance

User Info: MMaestro

5 years ago#7
DS all the way. Very painful and lots of time spent practicing, but very satisfying.

User Info: jeof96

5 years ago#8
I like GS, Hammer, Bow, plus I like it when I pair them with Heroics.
lol, Our group, 4 of us have the same set, the same armor skills, plus heroics, its fun to see some monsters die in seconds.
Even though I can't Master it.
I can at LEAST do it.

User Info: t3hVeG

5 years ago#9
Lance, Switch Axe, Longsword, Light Bowgun, and sometimes Bows.

User Info: NidoDarius

5 years ago#10
Hunting Horn exclusively in groups. I am the warrior maestro!

DS when solo/ with cats, because it's quicker.
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  3. What Weapons do you use?

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