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User Info: Susan0

5 years ago#1
Its my first time ever seeing these stuff , so,
1) Can they've created?
2) Upgradable
3) Cosmetic?(can be seen wearing)
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User Info: sephiroth1491

5 years ago#2
1.- No
2.- No
3.- No

They only give you the skills they have, to get more you have to mine farm and cross fingers you get a good one.
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User Info: Susan0

5 years ago#3
so they're just like those jewels but free?
If zhuyu, nimbus and kurasame fought, we'd had one hell of a show

User Info: Soul_099

5 years ago#4
No, talismans are the 6th part of your armor equipment. most likely be mined or rewarded.
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User Info: Xelaxandria

5 years ago#5
Randomly what quests are likely to give them as a reward in low HR and high HR? >>" since the topics already here...
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User Info: masa7su

5 years ago#6
Forgot which quest on low, on HR multi monster quest randomly give 1 on the prize.
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