Is this game good??

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User Info: laizskie87

5 years ago#1
okay so Im thinking of playing this game is this monster hunter good?

User Info: masa7su

5 years ago#2
Been playing it for 600hours ... still haven't got bored :3
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User Info: windmastery

5 years ago#3
It REALLY is!!!
- MANY weapon choice
- MANY hunt-able monsters with their own set of attacks and moves
- Carving out of enemies' dead bodies > Drops XD
- Pretty cool areas
- Not as hard as MHFU. (For me, probably since I use bow, and they are not as good in there as in here) Even a noob like me can hold on on my own. It's better to find some friends to do Guild quests, though. It would be more fun that way.

For me the only compared to MHFU is that this game doesn't have as many elder dragons as MHFU does... I just LOVE kushala daora and kept hunting him even though it was hard as hell using bow... But this game also have new monsters (Jino, ... , ...) and stronger ones like Jhen (wait till you see its size), Akantor, Ukanlos, Amatsu, Alatreon.. so i guess it's all all right
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User Info: laizskie87

5 years ago#4
judging by post I think Im gonna try this game :) thanks for all your opinion :))

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