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User Info: mxwp

6 years ago#1
All I want from this game is for it to be a part of the diablo-style hack and slash action RPG genre I love so much.

1. crap ton amount of better and better loot
2. mowing through waves of enemies
3. ability to play co-op
4. persistent character that levels up
5. armor and weapons reflected on the character
"six of one and half a dozen others"

User Info: BigT232

6 years ago#2

From the sound of this interview thats just what it is.

User Info: mxwp

6 years ago#3
Good, then it is a true Snowblind game. I just don't want them to do what Obsidian did with Dungeon Siege.
"six of one and half a dozen others"

User Info: reclinemusic

6 years ago#4
No top down camera unfortunately.
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