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User Info: Lazay727

6 years ago#1

This is going to be one of the best multiplayer rpgs in years, if not the best, I believe it's being very underappreciated but it will be a sleep hit that gets good scores. Snowblind has never made a bad game yet and this is their first time having years of production and the power of next gen, at least an 8 is on the way.

User Info: kangaox

6 years ago#2

Potentially GOTY for me! Was awed by the E3 Demo. From melee to ranged combat it alllooked so fluent. I know I will be putting hours upon hours of replay value (solo and couch co-op with a mate) into this! The only thing im in the dark about is the character select function. Can you change characters on the fly? Or only at checkpoints and So on. Surely you wont be stuck to the one character for the playthru?

ANyways I am HANGING for a hint of a release date. August seems to be not the case now!

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