Who will you play as first?

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User Info: BigT232

6 years ago#1

Eradan the ranger? Farin the dwarf? or Andriel the elf?

I'll be going with Farin right from the start. I've been a fan of Gimli ever sense I saw the frist movie and became more of a fan of the dwarves after reading the books. I hope the new Hobbit movie does them justice and shows how badass they are.

Wish they would have had four classes instead, like make the elf the main bowman and throw in Radagast as the wizard. Although doing that might conflict with the lore depending on if it goes into detail on what he was doing during the war of the ring.

User Info: kangaox

6 years ago#2

Dwarves ftw!

User Info: Legendary_Musas

6 years ago#3
Farin, Dwarves have always been my favourite race in Fantasy.

I'm hoping he has a dual wield skill tree .
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User Info: dg440

6 years ago#4

First the game must pass my review standard of 9.0 from both Gamespot and IGN.

I would play as Ranger of course.

User Info: kangaox

6 years ago#5

dg440 posted...

First the game must pass my review standard of 9.0 from both Gamespot and IGN.

I would play as Ranger of course.

Let me get this right... you WONT play it if these 2 sites wont give it a 9? You have missed alot of GOOD games then i wont take it if you went by GS and IGN

Listening to these 2 sites for reviews on how good/bad a game is,is like listening to Hitler or in this games case, Saruman!

From the E3 demo you can clearly see this is shaping up to be one amazing game! That demo would be all I need to know this is goin in the right direction!

User Info: dg440

6 years ago#6

I mean the combine review must average out to 9.0 from GS and IGN>

Every game looks good at E3 but few will truly come out good.

So many garbage games out there that look good until you play them so that is why I go with the review experts. 60 bucks is not cheap.

User Info: kangaox

6 years ago#7

Wish we had 60$ new release titles, mate! 89-120$ downunder for games! 60$ for me sounds like a good price for any new release!!

I agree with you about the demo. But knowing the company and loving some of their past titles and then seeing that demo i knew it was in good hands and was handled well!

User Info: Yomigaeru

6 years ago#8
Games that average a 9.0 from both IGN and Gamespot are few and far between, compared to the number of releases in this console generation alone. If that is truly your standard, then I'm afraid you've missed out on a great deal, but to each his own.

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