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User Info: Emperor_reign

4 years ago#1
How the hell can they allow a game so bug riddled to be released? That's not even the worst part, it's the fact they've released one patch in over a year, and even then it never addressed the major issues. Finally sent the game back today. 4 trophies away from platinum. I always had to rely to jump on other players' games to progress but the last straw came when I always lost connection with the host. I needed one scroll for the lidless eye trophy and I run into the carm dum captain glitch where he never shows up, and he has the scroll. Platinum is impossible with these glitches! What we're these incompetent fools thinking when they released this?! I guess my question is, have plans for a patch have been utterly scrapped then? I assume so. Morons.

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#2
i got the plat. did you follow the double load strategy?
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User Info: Emperor_reign

4 years ago#3
ElBorak77 posted...
i got the plat. did you follow the double load strategy?

I've heard about the method but I wasn't quite 100% certain how it works. Do you have to start afresh and do it, or can you already be more than halfway through your play through and do it then?

User Info: legolas95

4 years ago#4
As long as your not glitched, you can do it.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#5
I bought this game on their name, and was disappointed because it is the worst game they've made... The characters basically can not be customized at all, when only the races and genders should have been locked, and you should have had free reign to alter them like crazy otherwise. Also, you couldn't explore anything. The game is far too linear. All I saw while playing this was "missed opportunity."

I don't expect an open-world setting, in fact I get bored of those more quickly than linear ones. I just wanted a LotR coat of paint over a Champions of Norrath framework.
Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he's not even allowed to practice the law of gravity. - Kotomo

User Info: srepucane

4 years ago#6
I had problems with the glitches as well. There are work arounds though.
I had gotten the 5th scroll in mirkwood and my concentration was on the fact that I was trying to get the scrolls. The problem being for some reason or other the game didn't have saving the wizard as my mission to complete. So at the end of mirkwood I couldn't progress. I went online to find someone who was working on mirkwood and jumped in.
I got past mirkwood that way but the problem is they only had 3 of the scrolls and it overided my save with that.

I fixed that problem by jumping around from player to player online who were working on urgost lair to see if they had 5 of the scrolls and "infect myself" with having them as well.

Snowblind needed to tie getting past chapters to anyone that is playing together online but not the subquests. It was nice getting the multiple quests trophies by joining others but I'd have preferred having to have done those on my own than have someone elses side quests deter mine.

User Info: Emperor_reign

4 years ago#7
Update: Finally Platinum'd. I can confirm that the load, quit, and reload theory does work, as well as possibly not going online while you're going for single player trophies. Prevention from playing online as well as using the load theory has seen me complete the game all the way to legendary glitch free :) It's worth noting that I did delete my previous glitched save and started all over again, so if anyone has had glitches and wants the platinum for this still, then they probably should delete their save and begin anew before trying this theory out.

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