side quest list ?

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User Info: ThE_RiCk316

5 years ago#1
ok got two question here for ya...can anybody put up a list of possible sidequest in the game since there is a lot of poeple to talk and playing 2 players sumtime can be boring for the other one so could be easier to ut the chase for those sidequest by adding a list to where to go and who to talk..plx :P and i have a problem with the cult of the lidless eyes..i have all seven scroll but elrond won't make me finish the quest..anybody had this problem ? thx :)

User Info: Tanglefoot55

5 years ago#2
I had the same problem with the Cult of the Lidless Eyes. I found 5 scrolls and then when I redid the trip through the Barrow Downs I found 2 more in some of the places that I found the others for a total of 7.
When I found Eleron again he wouldn't let me finish the quest so I continued the main storyline and found 2 more scrolls right before I went to Mount Gundabad. If I remember right I had to kill an enemy in order to get one and the other was in a chest. After that when I went back to Eleron I was allowed to finish the quest.

User Info: KWass7

5 years ago#3

You have to get 7 unique scrolls. The last two you get from Urgost's lair.

Side Quests, both where you get them and where you fulfill them (almost totally off the top of my head from playing so much):

Bree: Forewarned is Forearmed (Otto), Rowlie's Gift (Rowlie), Otto's Arsenal (Otto)

Fornost: Work of Westernesse (barrels or chests), The Seer's Words (chest), Cult of the Lidless Eye (sorcerer)

Sarn Ford: Athelas (Silanna)

Barrow Downs: Athelas (herb), Work of Westernesse (barrels or chests)

Rivendell: Miruvor (Arwen), Elf Stones (Angmir, then Gloin, the Angmir), The Seer's Words (Elrond), Cult of the Lidless Eye (Elrond), True Silver (Arwen), the Poet (Bilbo, then Arwen), the Storyteller (? Is this the name? Report to Bilbo after every level to tell him your story)

Ettenmoors: Miruvor (herbs), Elf Stones (barrels)

Gundabad: Mithril (first cave; secret room opened by Farin), Cult of the Lidless Eye (sorcerer?)

Nordinbad: The Gem No Mine Can Yield (Buri), Gorin's Gratitude (Galar)

Mirkwood: The Gem No Mine Can Yield (barrel, usually near Glohirin), Cult of the Lidless Eye (sorcerer?), The Captive (Glohirin, then Glorhirin)

Urgost Lair: The Gem No Mine Can Yield (in a barrel if you didn't get it in Mirkwood), Cult of the Lidless Eye (two sorcerers), the Storyteller (talk to Bilbo about flattering dragons in Rivendell first, then flatter Urgost and he will reward you)

Go back to Sarn Ford after the Barrow Downs, go back to Rivendell pretty much between every level (especially after Urgost's Lair), and don't go to Carn Dum until you've had a crack at the challenge maps.

Did I miss any?


User Info: KWass7

5 years ago#4

Oh yes: Work of Westernesse: You can bring it to either Angmir or Buri (Buri is usually best)

User Info: ThE_RiCk316

5 years ago#5
thx for the quest list and for the cult thingy i guess ill do it on heroic i finised the game without really knowing it lol

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