how do you set your own custom controls?

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  3. how do you set your own custom controls?

User Info: InVINCEible21

6 years ago#1
I see an option for custom in controller settings, but how do I alter what button I want to do what?

User Info: koolbobsback

6 years ago#2
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User Info: sic133mhz

6 years ago#3
You can't.

"Custom Controls" is a predetermined control scheme that EA added to the control options. It was definitely a dumb choice for a name on their part.

User Info: AndrewHD

6 years ago#4
seriously stupid
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User Info: hvypetals

6 years ago#5

you cant customize your controls. ea never got around to configuring this option its just eye candy

User Info: StevieWix

6 years ago#6
You'd think after the complaints from the same exact thing last year they'd fix this.

User Info: skipper3333

6 years ago#7
so there's no way to customize your controller? even if they have one of the controllers showing custom??

User Info: StevieWix

6 years ago#8
Nope, preset with a misleading name.

User Info: armlessguy

6 years ago#9
I just went to the forums at EA a few days ago to ask about this. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen: naming the controller scheme "custom" but you can't customize it.
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User Info: tylernator1

6 years ago#10
Yes i is pretty dumb!
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  3. how do you set your own custom controls?

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