How to score? How to play Defense?

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User Info: kca89

7 years ago#1
Rookie mode = easy.
Pro mode = sometimes win, but mostly lose.
Can't even fathom what the 2 modes above would be like.

My problem is scoring. In Pro Mode, I can easily outshoot the cpu by 10 - 20 shots yet they seem to score way more often than I do, mainly due to my defenders/goalie acting like idiots while under the cpu influence.

Are there any good formations/strategies for scoring? I try my best when in the offensive zone to get good looks, but I can never get good looks near the goal. I'm almost always forced to shoot high with a defensemen because of the dreaded poke check and checking screwing any chances up. Also, almost all of my shots high seem to get blocked (roughly 90%). Any help?

Here is where I have many problems ranging from lack of cpu help and just what seems like getting BSed at times.
- What are good formations/strategies for defense?
- What is the best way to actually take control of the puck after a hit or poke check?
I get tired of countless times knocking the puck loose from the cpu only to have the same cpu get the same puck back as much as 5 times in one offensive rush up the ice.
- Is there any way to account for the overall stupidity of the cpu/goalie on your team in terms of my positioning, etc?

Thanks for any and all help!!

User Info: StevieWix

7 years ago#2
What works best for me, if you're playing offline, just keep tweaking the sliders to account for all the BS. Personally I hate when the game is completely lopsided on either side, so I give the CPU an advantage on Fatigue Effect and Recovery so they get more shots on goal, but I turn down the poke check and stick lift because 90% of the time when I do the exact same poke the CPU does to strip the puck through my body, I get a penalty.

User Info: kca89

7 years ago#3
Yeah offline I've played with the sliders a bit to help there. Unfortunately that doesn't help me in HUT lol.

User Info: Yellow_Monkey

7 years ago#4
Offense: I'd recommend that you get a good scorer like Ovechkin, Crosby, or Sedin and go to the practice mode and practice trying to score on a lone goalie. Try many different techniques. One method that works pretty well is getting very close to the goalie and deking so that you can slide the puck in. Longer shots are also good to try, but keep in mind that your players likely won't be able to match the performance of the superstars. Aim for the stick side, it's easier for the goalie to catch a puck with his glove, and if you hit the stick it often results in a deflection.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tutorial at the beginning of the game is very misleading, during a normal game pushing the left stick all the way to one direction will usually result in the puck not even hitting the net (or hitting the crossbars). A slight tilt usually works just fine.

Another good idea is to practice as a goalie in practice mode and see what techniques are effective on you. Then try to emulate those with your shooters.

During actual games, you have a couple of options, but one of the best options is to either charge in close if there aren't any defenders in the way, or pass the puck around if the defenders are spread out around the net. Usually you can pass to an outside player and have him take the shot and then another player can swoop in on the rebound. Don't feel pressured to shoot right after you cross the blue line.

Defense: When I'm playing defense I find that it's usually easier to let the two defenders do their job and I take control of a winger or the center. While the defenders block the immediate area around the goal, I try to apply pressure to whoever has the puck or is in a good shooting position.

One thing to note is that getting in front of the net can be helpful in blocking shots, but it can also result in your goalie becoming "blind" and not being able to make very good saves. Try not to get right in front of your goalie unless you have to.

Also, I wouldn't bother trying to poke check all that much, it can be tough to do unless the other player has the puck wide open. Instead, body check him and then ideally he'll drop the puck. Even if you can't recover it, you at least gave time to your other players who can move into defensive positions.
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User Info: StevieWix

7 years ago#5
That's all good advice. Also look at your player's stats and see what they're good at. If they're not good at deking rely more on one-timers, etc. Or try standing close to the net and screening the goalie, it's been my personal experience that the deflections in this game are much more effective.

User Info: ricksilverman

7 years ago#6
Offense tip: Take the time to properly setup yourself in the offensive zone. Pay attention to how the team on defense is playing. If they are sending two players on the puck carrier, it means that you have a player open somewhere. If they are protecting the net, it means that your defensemen can probably move a couple of feet closer to the net, etc. Just wait for a player to be open by passing the puck around a lot. Always check if the goaltender is out of position, take your shot and aim at the hole.

Defense tip: Switch to a more conservative playing strategy early in the game and capitalize on your opponent mistakes during turnover. Like advised in a post above, leave your defensemen in the hands of the AI and take control of a forward that is close to the puck carrier. Force the puck carrier to pass between you and the boards and make sure that you block the blue line. If done properly, either your opponent will try to keep the puck and will be crushed into the boards or he will dump the pass and most likely loose possession.

Don't be afraid to adjust your strategy while playing the game. It seems to me to a lot of players are forgetting that you can use the D-Pad for that.

If you are trailing behind in the 3rd, gradually increase the offensive pressure and go all out in the last few minutes to try to tie the game. Even then, remain calm and don't rush things to much. A well setup play is much more effective than taking 5 shots that have almost no chance of going in.
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