No PC version again!!!!

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User Info: arashhojjat

7 years ago#1

Why doesn't EA make PC versions of NHL anymore??

Does anyone know the answer to that?

I'm really tired of playing with the same old NHL 09 with horrible graphics!!

User Info: -Fromage-

7 years ago#2
Because they stopped making a PS2 version, so they have nothing to port to the PC.

User Info: Jesku

7 years ago#3
NHL on pc would be so fun online, full of glitchers already imagine if you give them the PC hacking resourses!

User Info: matt3169

7 years ago#4
they dont make a pc version cause its too heavily pirated

User Info: Kamil

7 years ago#5
Well PC versions usually have some sort of open source/easily mod-able abilities. Try finding a copy of NHL '04 PC (shouldn't be hard) and use a mod like this:

A lot of people say the NHL '04 PC engine was pretty awesome. This is a mod from this past season. Hell I still update NHL 2K8 for the PS3. I remember using mods like this for NHL '02 on the PC and I had a lot of amusement myself.
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User Info: Virauge

7 years ago#6
For one, PS2 has nothing to do with porting to PC, Xbox360 is designed like a PC so porting from Xbox360 to PC would be easiest. EA just ported from PS2 to PC because PS2 had an under-developed copy of NHL 09, so they wanted PC to have crap too. Don't believe me? Look it up!

Secondly, pirating isn't as much of a issue as EA says it is. The real problem is they can't force players to pay for extras like NHL 10. Someone will crack it and EA won't get that extra money which they don't deserve anyway. Afterall, they offer little to no real support for NHL 10, but expect you to pay them $2 to unlock an upgrade. Very soon you'll start to see EA charging for roster updates and game updates.
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