New game + item transfers?

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User Info: MyCuLonG

7 years ago#1
Just as the topic asks. I was wondering if someone can tell me if Atelier Totori's new game plus function follows the same as it's prequel of Atelier Rorona.
Does it transfer only the money and the encyclopedia data of the previous save file just like the first game?
Or will you be able to transfer the items and the equipments?
I was a little disheartened after finishing the first game when i found out I couldn't transfer the 2 said above. I thought it would have followed the same formula with Atelier Annie. Regardless I am still willing to buy the game if the game is getting localised.

User Info: MyCuLonG

7 years ago#2
Another question about new game plus.
What differences are there with the first playthrough and the next?
Also if Rorona and Sterk come back as playable characters, how are they unlocked?

Thanks if you can answer my questions, it would really help my day. T_T

User Info: MyCuLonG

7 years ago#3
Woops I just read the krrsos's review of the game and it answered some of my question.
So yes you can bring over your equipments, not sure if you can bring all or only the ones equipped.
But it would still help if someone can clarify abit more clearly to some of my questions.

User Info: krrsos

7 years ago#4
Well, you only get your "equipped equipments" (sorry for the word) and money transfer. You will also, like Rorona, get an extra mode for viewing various stuff.

User Info: MyCuLonG

7 years ago#5
Hmph, it's a small letdown but it's good to know ahead of time.
Thanks Krrsos saved me from wasting time on some item creations.

User Info: Darth_Nicolas

7 years ago#6
So,is it like Rorona,where everything is timed,and there is no endless mode?And after you beat the game you're obliged to start a new one?

User Info: sou

7 years ago#7
Of course, the game wouldn't make sense without being timed.

Seriously, what's the point of endless mode?
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User Info: Darth_Nicolas

7 years ago#8
Endless mode is mostly for relaxing,doing hard dungeons,quests,or making items that require a lot of materials and time.

Of course,an endless dungeon isn't needed if there are no such things,and everything can be done within a plausible limit.

I'm a fan of Atelier Iris/Mana Khemia,and while I can't recall that there was an endless mode,I preferred how I could stall the main quest as long as I wanted to do random things.

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