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User Info: guimond777

5 years ago#1
So I got whipped by the Flauschtraut on my first playthrough, so I decided to just beat the game and attempt him the 2nd time around. The thing that got me the first time was the lack of proper healing.

I skated through this game with really no need to worry about healing, until Flauschtraut. So I'm totally in the dark on what the best healing items are.

Anything I use to heal my party only heals 25-30 HP....is there anything that heals better then this that I can make/register? I need to devise I proper strategy to beat the Flauschtraut once and for all, and it all starts with proper healing items this time >_>

User Info: norra45

5 years ago#2
You should make Healing Spores, Vitality Pills or Secret Remedy. For MP, Mind Water. Hope this helps~

User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
5 years ago#3
You can also use traits to further boost their effects to your needs,
be it more healing, uses, buffs, etc.
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