Time to dust off your Collectors Edition of The Conduit...

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User Info: GoldFish-Boy

7 years ago#11

I didn't even know I was getting the special addition. :P

I still have mine, it's not the best game but it is good, and since they will probably improve things it will be awesome. New classes, player upgrades, and more multiplayer and co-op! Who doesn't want this game? Maybe it will even beat out Reflex.;)

User Info: Aile_Wing

7 years ago#12
woah woah woah!
the art book is awesome!
showing the different character models, the different types of would be Drudges (the one with the extra skiny limbs on its back is my favorite.) and some concept art Weapons that (i'm guessing) didn't make the cut.

Art book gives wonderful detail of everything too. from what should Mr. Ford's armor, to level designs.

I'm not saying it wasn't cool, but for a special edition (and having to wait one extra day to get it >_>), I don't think it was incredibly worth it. I pre-ordered it because I thought that the special edition was going to have some exclusive content for it, more specifically the different ASE and the Agent skin. However, that's not how things turned out.
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User Info: Jagr_68

7 years ago#13
Hmm......my booklets still have that fresh new game smell :)
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#14
i was able to get mine on launch day. better box art, and concept art book, ALL for the same price. its just plain better. i dont know how you got yours a day late, thats kinda odd.
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User Info: papercup

7 years ago#15
I still have mine. =D It's actually sitting right here. Now if I had my Wii....
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