The spectacularly inevitable 'What features do you want in Conduit 2' thread?

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User Info: shanyi

7 years ago#1
I wasn't particularly keen on the first Conduit, but reading the Nintendo Power article has ignited a little enthusiasm. It sounds as though the gameplay is being deepened, the environments enlarged and the story better developed. In other words, it sounds as though HVS have taken note of their mistakes and are rectifying them - an approach Ubisoft adopted for Red Steel 2, which turned out spectacularly well. My only concern is that if the game is coming out late this year, it'll only be a year and a bit gap since the release of the first Conduit, meaning development on the sequel can't have been going on for too long, at least not with HVS aware of which faults needed improving.

So anyway, the inevitable question: what features would you like to see added to Conduit 2?


More non-linear structure:
The Conduit was a corridor shooter, a style of FPS somewhat outdated even ten years ago. The Nintendo Power article hints at Conduit 2 giving players a bit more freedom in mission selection, but it would be great if HVS took that a step further. My suggestion would be that each 'level' connected to the hub is not just an individual missions, but open-ended environments that you could explore and unravel as you opened up new powers in your suit (or something). You could receive multiple objectives in the Atlantis hub, then go exploring to complete them in any of the worlds you have opened up (e.g. Siberia, Washington etc). Conduits could exist between one level and another, allowing you to navigate shortcuts or complex paths to find inaccessible areas, even new ways of getting to the hub. Imagine Metroid Prime's worlds mixed with GoldenEye's non-linear objective structure. Red Steel did this pretty well, but it could be taken further.

More Cheats: Conduit's cheats were, let's be frank, pretty half-baked. Add in ones which add replay value, like a variant on All Guns where you get to choose the weapons you start playing with, Invincibility, Fast/Slow Enemies... challenges to earn those cheats would be even better.

Motion-plus and a fixed framerate: Red Steel 2 showed how the improved responsiveness of the M+ in collaboration with a rock-solid framerate could make Wii IR aiming even better than it already is. The game doesn't have to be M+ exclusive, but it would be nice to have the option of using the best controls avaliable, especially since that's something HVS' original Conduit was acclaimed for.

Better tested online: Conduit's online was fun, but very buggy and slow to get games going. A much improved version would go down a treat. Added security against hackers wouldn't go amiss either.

Destructible environments: One thing Red Steel did better than its sequel was in allowing players to use parts of your environment to take out groups of enemies with steam pipes, fire extinguishers, exploding screens, overloading electric mainframes etc. It made the game more spectacular and more fun. Conduit could benefit greatly from this, and even use the ASE to turn security measures to your advantage.


Invisible Mines: Dear God these were infuriating. No more, please!

Repeating corridors: In Conduit, you frequently walked through two or three of the same corridor. While I appreciate that some corners have to be cut given as how these aren't top budget games, I'd rather see smaller worlds than have to suffer more immersion breaking repetitions.

Endlessly spawning enemies: The use of conduits to endlessly spawn enemies just felt cheap in the original game and removed any tactical element to just charging on ahead in the hope of destroying a conduit before getting eviscerated. Rinse, repeat. Even if it is decided to keep these in, at least use them sparingly.

Those are my suggestions. Fingers crossed the game can live up to its potential this time!

User Info: mode333

7 years ago#2
1: you want MORE cheats in this game? or do you mean in single player?
2: the invisible mines were fine and easy to probably just tried to run through the whole game too fast.
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User Info: Tv_Man64

7 years ago#3
NO VOTING!!!!!!!!! make it so it is like in COD, so that you vote to skip a map but not on which one. Especially don't vote for modes, because we will be stuck playing something we don't want to like a marathon match, explosives weapon sets and on street.
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User Info: mode333

7 years ago#4
glitches need to be fixed....thats' all i ask.
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User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#5
I want an infiltrate mode where u have to take over a base that the other team is protecting then u switch sides.
I want Downloadable content that doesnt have guns in it.
I want TONS of perks.
I want more than 7 new guns.
I want them to get rid of grenades or make it so u can only hold like 1.
I wan it to come out now!!! xD
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User Info: articshard

7 years ago#6
i have to agree with no voting. i got really tired of having a crap load of explosive matches. dont get me wrong. i like them. just not every match.

i'd like a bigger selection of weapons, melee weapons would be nice
more maps
better, more intense 1st player

User Info: guttertalk

7 years ago#7
I wholly agree about the non-linear maps. But on Motion+, I'm 99% sure that HVS looked at it for TCon and didn't see that it really helped in a game based on guns. RS2 is more of a FPslasher than FPshooter, so Motion+ clearly helped that game.

But this topic is odd in that there are lots of threads like this on the TCon board, and the feature and change list Con2 clearly shows that they listened.

User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#8
Oh i think they should do kinda what MOH:H2 did.
Instead of voting for a weapon set, the host of the match chooses the weapons that are and arent alowed, but, if enough people in the match vote to change the weapons then it is done.
All u need is a good host that doesnt like SMAW and you r set xD
Are you picking up what i am putting down?The official hammer user.
Call me Incognito, Incognito3, Martian, Pwnage, or the all mighty one, if you would please.

User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#9

I want my Conduit 1 control settings to transfer to Conduit 2 so I don't have to go in to OCD mode and fine tunethem toperfection again.

Other than that, I have a feeling it's too late for much to be done, though I thought I saw two conflicting release dates so it depends on which one is accurate (Fall 2010 and Fall 2012).

The game sounds really sharp, though I would love to see more bizzar weapons (i.e. like a grenade that can shrink your enemies, making them faster but not nearly as powerful). That could be fun online.

User Info: Cleon3600

7 years ago#10
The hub is world is Atlantis, right?
What I'd like to see in the hub world is plenty of cameos an scannable stuff.

For example, When you're close enough to the edge of the map (In this case, where you see nothing but the deep ocean), you see a gaint whale or maybe any form of legendary fish-like creature swim past by in front of you. Not only can you scan it , but it will give the hubworld a creepy sort of atmosphere.
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