Does HVS even acknowledge that the spawn glitch ruined the first game?

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  3. Does HVS even acknowledge that the spawn glitch ruined the first game?

User Info: Chris_McMahon

7 years ago#1
I reading through the nintendo power article and hear a lot "blah blah yeah the first game could of been better blah blah" but i don't see them specifically mention the biggest flaw of the first game and that's that 50% of the time the online doesn't work! The spawn glitch is the reason I stopped playing and traded this game in. I know a lot of people say glitches and hacker ruined the online but i don't get who people even played this game long enough to get to that point! They must have a lot of free time and be desperate for a FPS if they enjoy sitting there watching clouds for half an hour. Does HVS even know where they went wrong in coding the game and what exactly caused the glitch? They are not getting another 50 bucks from me unless they acknowledge that they messed up. They know how they messed up and they guarantee they are either gonna create a hotfix system or get some damn testers to make sure there game works!
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User Info: sunfalcon9

7 years ago#2
It isnt exactly HVS's fault that people have a piece of **** wifi
If something was to replace the spawn glitch, it'd probably be lag worse than you going online for a super smash bros brawl match with you from New york, another dude from Japan, another guy from south america and another from africa >_>

User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#3
well hackers did mess up the game.
hackers were the reason the spawn glitch was even their....
and the spawn glitch stopped happening around the time when mwr came out.
It wasnt that big of a deal, just go play private matches...
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User Info: Mr_L_

7 years ago#4
The spawn glitch problem has been fixed.

Count on it.
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  3. Does HVS even acknowledge that the spawn glitch ruined the first game?

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