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User Info: FamliarStranger

7 years ago#1
still play the original Conduit online frequently? I'd bet not a lot. That game was hacked to pieces and it became near impossible to find a good match.

Don't get me wrong here, I love that game. I was a veteran of the Conduit board, there since the game was first announced, and stayed until a few months after the game's release. Some of you might even remember me.

What I truly want from this sequel isn't more online modes, more weapons, more enemies, more maps, perks, co-op, or splitscreen (though all that would be very nice). What High Voltage really needs to do is get rid of all the glitches that lagued the first game, and do a better job preventing hackers from killing the online experience. I'm pretty sure I would still be playing the Conduit if I could find a match without a guy firing 10 rockets per second atleast once out of every few games I join.
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User Info: Flint247

7 years ago#2
Nope, sold my game back in Sept 09 for Mario and Luigi BiS.
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User Info: paranoid71

7 years ago#3
People enjoyed that game?
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User Info: papercup

7 years ago#4

From: paranoid71 | Posted: 3/31/2010 6:30:21 PM | #003
People enjoyed that game?

I enjoyed it for two months straight. Then I stopped because of college. Last time I played it was a few weeks ago. It was totally broken. =(
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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#5

Please don't remind me of TCon 1.

User Info: pick377

7 years ago#6
i play it for an hour everyday trying to get ready for number two
the conduit 2 and metroid other M are being made it will take a long time to top this

User Info: Rigama

7 years ago#7
And now FamliarStranger, it's good to see TCon veterans.
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