The graphics look pretty good.

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User Info: IcyBlaze_XZ

7 years ago#11
The graphics look much better (or at least the art style does) just judging from the screenshots so far. This will be probably one of the better looking Wii games out there for sure.

Hopefully, there won't be any extremely overzealous fans (read: uber, mostly ignorant fanboys) this time around overhyping and screaming that this game will look as good as a 360 game, being wrong, and then inviting incited trolls from the 360 and PS3 forums to show them just how wrong they are like what happened on the first conduit board.
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User Info: iamthemovie2

7 years ago#12
I don't know, the character models don't look too bad but the environment still looks like garbage in comparison...

User Info: Gadgetman90

7 years ago#13
You guys need to look at the nintendo power images, they are in the Official Info topic (first one).
The environments in those images look much improved (at least variety wise), with jungles, snowy mounains, and ports.
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User Info: Cleon3600

7 years ago#14
And did we mention it's dark and rainy at the ports?

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#15
the Trolls are taking a beating this time around.

CUZ. THIZ. ****. IS. TIGHT. BRO!!!

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User Info: FPS1337

7 years ago#16
those dont seem that great, but its obvious that the final outcome will look way better.

User Info: toa1995

7 years ago#17
*spams qwert42 body with rockets* lets wait to see how they look when the game comes out
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User Info: drummerkid38

7 years ago#18
i hope you know it's in pre-alpha, atleast according to hvs tony
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  3. The graphics look pretty good.

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