wow already in the top 10 boards!

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User Info: Killeryoshi8

7 years ago#1
this boy moves fast, let's beat Brawl!
Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii

User Info: Tony90908

7 years ago#2
TKO Tony

User Info: OLiberty

7 years ago#3
Didn't take long.

User Info: toa1995

7 years ago#4
well get ready for the spammers
Gamers dont die......
they just respawn!

User Info: KainWind

7 years ago#5
It can only beat Brawl if the board is real busy during the opening week. That's about the only chance it has.
Gerudo Valley is a great Zelda song. Agreed: 35
I think Kain is a pretty cool guy, eh jumps with teh spearz and doesn't afraid of anything.
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  3. wow already in the top 10 boards!

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