conduit was good but...

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User Info: xerofyre0

7 years ago#1
Red steel 2 offers the BEST first person game on Wii bar none. its a shame everyone thinks it sucks because the first one did

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#2
That's why you're still a kid.
Everything I've learned about life can be summed up into three words: It goes on -Robert Frost
Waiting for Lost Planet 2, Brink, Civ V, SC2

User Info: BigBlue4Life

7 years ago#3
That's why you're still a kid.
[The original poster was deleted at the request of this message]

User Info: puffmcgruff

7 years ago#4
Hey wii motion + = more fun gameplay. That is all. Kids or no kids.

User Info: KainWind

7 years ago#5
That's why you're still a kid.
Gerudo Valley is a great Zelda song. Agreed: 35
I think Kain is a pretty cool guy, eh jumps with teh spearz and doesn't afraid of anything.

User Info: Tony90908

7 years ago#6
We know RS 2 is "better" than Conduit 1 since that's what you said....but Con2 will probably be better..........
TKO Tony

User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#7
That's why you're still a kid.
MWR Screen Name - Pur1fy

User Info: 7Nobody5

7 years ago#8
if Red Steel2 had multiplayer then it would have been competition for TCon2 ... but i am only buying games with online multiplayer for the Wii.

LOZ games are exceptions though :)

User Info: CPUX

7 years ago#9

^End of discussion.

User Info: liberale

7 years ago#10
That's why you're still a kid.
Currently playing: Modern Warfare 2 (360), Borderlands, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Guild Wars
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