Why do people want to turn this into CoD?

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User Info: DarkShadowRage

7 years ago#31
Posted 4/4/2010 9:01:40 AM
message detail only thing thats in cod that i want in this game is iron sight. Oh an DarkShadowRage if you like oldschool so much try playing Quake Live.

Why? it's just quake 3 with a different name and I already have and play Quake 3.
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User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#32
*just realized that I got the name wrong..... Apologies to Upod5 for getting him confused with URAlsr*
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User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#33
who said CoD was the only class-based shooter on the market? Or that these pre-set or custom loadouts would be the same thing? All we know is that there will be a way to choose weapons you want so that people aren't spamming the most powerful weapons.... give them a chance on this without your moaning OMG ITS JUST LIKE COD!! No, its not, because if it was just like CoD 1) it would mean you've already played this and seen direct connections, and 2) it would be an actual CoD game. jeez
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User Info: wordlifepomp

7 years ago#34
Just beat the Conduit story had a fun time. Inline mode on the other hand is pretty much garbage. My first Wii FPS was Conduit and I was fascinated at first. Controls worked, graphics were good, and online seemed fun. Then it just started sucking.

Online in this Conduit 1 was pathetic. Matchmaking sucked, I had to vote for my weapon(WTF?), constant bunny hopping, too much health, nothing to unlock, no achievements, repetitive voting, mediocre gameplay modes, lack of iron sight, lack of zooming on many weapons, poor choice in voting. Conduit online imo was a hot mess. Conduit seems promising with offline multi-player, split screen, classes, and variety. Take away lock on and ridiculous bunny hoping and Conduit will be perfect.

I love the rt-style, I just hate the direction the game was going. Hopefully Conduit soars aboves my expectations and delivers on quality. MWR got it riht and it's my favorite Wii game right now. If Conduit gets it's act together then it might be my new favorite wii game. If not my money is for COD:7, GalaxyOther M, and Arc Rise Fantasia. SO HV give the they want DEPTH.

Conduit one Severly lacked DEPTH so hook Conduit 2 up.
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User Info: mysockshurt101

7 years ago#35
ok all that right there....while some of it i understood it started getting really tiresome to read, the fusion of words, all of it, my eyes are literally tired from reading that.

umm while CoD is what it is and does it very well, don't make another game just like it, if you can find a way to make old school work while adding new things please by all means make something new, but please, please, please, and (again) please, do not make Conduit of Duty, we just don't need it
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