Conduit 2 SHOULD NOT BE Call of Duty

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#61
More or less. Personally, I hope it winds up being a fast-paced frantic class-based game with pick-up weapons to complement your not broken but still effective chosen starter weapon(ala F.E.A.R, but without the totally broken starters) and suit upgrades/perks to further customise the game and add depth to the (I'm dreaming from here-on. This is just something that takes experience, and HVS hasn't shown anywhere near enough for the level I'm talking) highly complex and detailed map structure that seems to reveal new tricks and tactics for years to come.
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User Info: nomins

7 years ago#62
I agree with this side.if you want cod, get that.But this is CONDUIT2! after making something so great, why change to more cods?
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