Anyone think that maybe...

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#1
This is going to be like the first Killzone, but with Conduit sauce and perks?

Sprinting, pickup weapons, starter weapon classes...
It could be quite an interesting mix.
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#2
That could be pretty cool. Thinking about that makes me really want some gameplay footage.
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User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#3
E3 is on the horizon my friend. Hopefully HVS will be showing off a little when that time comes.
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User Info: XinSon

7 years ago#4
ooooo I forgot that e3 is on the way. Two more months or so till it. Hopefully we will get a lot of info. I mean really just about every single board of soon to be released or recently released will be active.
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