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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#1
But you can't deny that there was still some good fun to be had. I'll agree with most of the criticisms, but there were still some great SP and MP moments where you could see what The Conduit could've been.
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User Info: NoblWolf

7 years ago#2
When you say SP I think of two scenarios right off the bat.

1) When you're trying to save the president and you go into the garden. There's the big Drudge and a whole bunch of little ones, plus a few Skimmer up in the air and a few of the Exploding Termite guys. Rushing out head-on in the middle of them was always fun. ^_^


2) While walking on the streets of Pentagon with all the Drudge fail-"snipers" at the windows. Even though more often than not they didn't do anything, it was still a fun little moment where you really felt like you lost the city and was a semi-good break from the constant claustrophobia.
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#3
The Lincoln Memorial fight at the end of mission 3 was pretty memorable for me. I ended up dying quite a few times my first time through that fight. The mission where you are trying to save the president was pretty memorable to me too; mainly because that was the first time I really used the shrieker.
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User Info: liberale

7 years ago#4
^^ yeah, that fight was really difficult, and I was surprised that they had it at such an early point in the game.
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User Info: wordlifepomp

7 years ago#5
Love the SP hated the multi.It was kin of broken imo. Voting for my weapons, constant jumping, too much health, lack of unlocks, rewards,achievements, lack of perks, repetitive voting, repetitive names, lack of iron sight and scope on most weapons,hackers up the ass. I didn't use the friend system though, but still. Like I said loved single, it was just fn killing aliens, fighting grounded enemies. Online had no depth to it.

Conduit 2 better fix all of that, I like the weapons graphics, and art so HVS pimp my conduit.
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#6
When Adam says "its time for you to die... Mr. Ford" (kinda) while at the Lincoln Memorial was definitely one of the awesome moments. i didn't use the HVS.45 yet, and once i saw 'checkpoint reached' i whipped it out and got ANNIHILATED, in just seconds. it took.... 15 or so times to clear that part...

Trick for me was saving the HVS.45 to destroy the portals, then the SMAW on enemies.

Fighting so many STRONG small frys with the washington memorial getting ****ed up in the background was so epic. better then any boss fight!
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