how about we don't call it "TCon" anymore...

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User Info: Vermineater

7 years ago#61
Con2it >= C2 >TCon2 >TC2

Opinion, of course. =D

I'll be calling it C2, though, just for shorthand's sake.
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User Info: ammartin08

7 years ago#62

From: UltimateFlame13 | #040
wow, your ass is very right then.

thanks. I work out.
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#63
C2 or Con2

'The' is no longer part of the official name.
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User Info: PyroSpark

7 years ago#64
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User Info: 1337StyLux

7 years ago#65 what an explosive game ^-^!
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User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#66
I've been calling it Con2. We all know what we're on about so no worries.

Leave luck to Heaven.
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  3. how about we don't call it "TCon" anymore...

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