What if TCON2 contained vehicles?

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User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#41

The_Shader posted...
Why is it that when people hear 'Vehicles' they instantly think 'Halo'.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2. its Vehicle perfection. Theres a ****practically built ONLY to either heal or destroy vehicles. Theres even Dart Guns that fire 'lock on-able' darts so your RPG's and what not home in on their targets.

theres even an 'Explosive' special for overall better rocket/grenade damage!

my point is, if your gonna talk about vehicles in a game that ACTUALLY work, talk about BBC2

Exactly. Vehicles are excellent in all Battlefields. If a tank kills you, just respawn as a tank killoer and return the favor.

User Info: jayessbee23

7 years ago#42
Maybe, I mean transport copters/APCs could be really cool
But the idea of tanks makes me cringe

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#43
I can tell you right now guys that there is not going to be any vehicles. We are concentrating on awesome FPS action and not driving.


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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#44

From: psychobrew | #070
Tanks were tons of fun in Battlefield.

Apparently you don't understand what I meant. Anyway, no real reason to discuss it since their won't be any vehicles.
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