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User Info: GhostdaRonin

7 years ago#11
"than why on monster hunter tri you don't need fc's? there 3rd party also>.>"

Probably because Capcom is more proven/has more pull in that area. I could be wrong, but they are kinda huge....

User Info: guttertalk

7 years ago#12
Capcom is using their own servers for MH3. Also, even though it doesn't use FCs, I thought they still had some kind of Capcom ID. I have MH3 on reserve so I'll find out when I get it home later this month.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#13
Monster Hunter is a huge brand in japan, so denying them the choice to make their own pay servers would be a stupid move for Nintendo.
Sadly, The Conduit does not have that kind of influence.
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