OJ in my Conduit

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User Info: HVSTony

7 years ago#1
No seriously. I was working on a gun and I spilled some OJ on my keyboard. I couldn't use the alt key, thus, no rotating in max. If I cant rotate, I cant animate. If I cant animate, I cant make Conduit 2. I got a new keyboard. So, lesson learned here is that if you spill OJ on your conduit, it will not work.

True story.


User Info: NickDreadskull

7 years ago#2
work out the next two numbers in this sequence and you get a cookie last person=Nintendude 4 12 56 992 16256

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#3
The stuff of legends.

Someone should screencap this topic and make it a motivator.
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User Info: Combo_Breaker1

7 years ago#4
Requested sticky
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User Info: 01slayer

7 years ago#5
What about chocolate milk? Tony, what happens if I spill my precious CHOCOLATE MILK!?
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

7 years ago#6
Ahhh, Orange Juice... nature's 'natural' Orange Soda...
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User Info: guttertalk

7 years ago#7
OJ killed your keyboard?

So, you're saying, if it is spilled, you cannot build?

User Info: liberale

7 years ago#8
Mmm, that's good OJ :)
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User Info: ammartin08

7 years ago#9
Does this mean the game is delayed?
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User Info: Aile_Wing

7 years ago#10
When I read the topic title, I thought you were talking about putting O. J. Simpson in The Conduit 2. >_>
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