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User Info: SaintXS

7 years ago#1
I'd like to start off by commenting on how astonishing it is that you guys actually value the opinions of the gamers. I will be giving you guys feedback I've collected from a collage of "competitive" Wii gamer’s opinions. We currently participate in the Modern Warfare: Reflex ladders and some of us participated in The Conduit ladders, which didn't have a lasting appeal. Please do not take these opinions as just my own. Understand that this is coming from a whole group of gamers. Please note that the following comments are for the multiplayer experience only.

First, I’d like to state what we felt went wrong in The Conduit, and then I'll close with what some people would like to see in Conduit 2.

The Conduit Complaints
Matchmaking System
The number one complaint I've received is your guys matchmaking system. Yeah, it makes sense to me perfectly. You guys have got a way to eliminate "Lag shooting" which was experienced in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 and both online Call of Duty titles on the Wii. However, the matchmaking system is still the most hated system. Take it from the gamer's perspective. At first it may seem fine because they're all hyped to play the game, but after countless experiences of waiting for over 2 minutes to get in a match, whether it is a private or a public match, the frustration begins to set in. When the gamer gets frustrated, he or she begins to notice all of the flaws in the game. Even the little things seem like a huge deal to them. I sent an email about this to you guys before the game even came out. I understand that you guys aren't in any position to have dedicated servers like EA. Everyone enjoyed them so much because they were able to set the rules they wanted to play and were able to join servers with friends, and people they know around the community, without having to add any friend codes, invite anyone, etc. If for some reason dedicated servers such as these have become an option for you guys now, we’d ask for you to at least take it into consideration. If that’s not the path you are going to take, then seriously change your matchmaking system. Another alternative is the Modern Warfare: Reflex system, which allowed users to party up (which was another big complaint about The Conduit), and it allowed users to also join the users "current game" (like The Conduit).

Wii Speak
People want Wii Speak to work for public games too and if I'm correct, the new Monster Hunter game allows you to do this. Therefore, I’d look into it. Personally I don't care, because I wouldn't want to hear whiny kids anyways. My personal complaint about Wii Speak would be that it would lag and echo a lot, I'm not sure if this was due to the Wii Speak itself or if it was something on your behalf.

People complain about "bunny hopping", but personally this is not a big issue to me. I bunny hopped because I couldn't sprint. If you guys are running out of control options, in Medal of Honor Heroes 2 one of the ways you would sprint was by double tapping forward on the nunchuk (this was for the Zapper settings).From a competitive point of view, there was a massive issue with the lock-on feature. It was nice to see the person's health and all, but it really killed the competitive aspect of the game by auto-centering the opponent. Plausible solution for this would just to have the "X" hit marker like the Battlefield and Call of Duty series. You should also go even more in-depth with your controls (which may have seemed impossible to everyone, great job on the controls =) ) by allowing the user to choose whether he needs to hold down a button to crouch or zoom in. It really got me angry in The Conduit how I had to hold down the button to crouch, and I only had to touch the button to zoom in, and then touch it again to zoom out. There should be an option as to whether you want to hold down the button or not, because in every other game I'm used to touching the button for crouch, and holding it for the zoom.

User Info: SaintXS

7 years ago#2
Private Match Settings
There wasn't a lot of settings the host could choose upon for private matches. Perhaps have options such as "radars always on" (so if people want to 1v1 and the opponent can't just crouch and hide in a corner after he gets one kill), and options to disable certain weapons, perks, explosives, etc.

Hit Detection
If the opponent lagged, you would shoot them and they would die seconds later. This would not be a problem with dedicated servers or a host-based server like Call of Duty.

Frame Rate Issues
Some people experienced major frame rate issues at 8 people, I personally reached them at 10.

Conduit 2 Anticipations
- More team based game modes, you guys nailed a lot of the Free for All Modes

- Better match making, as explained before

- Don't change the way you guys had your killstreaks! You nailed it, the best Killstreak system I've seen in any game.

- Bolt action type and semi-automatic snipers you see in most shooters. Everyone loves to snipe, and the strike rifle and scar just don't give you that same feeling of sniping.

- A limit to the amount of starting grenades at least. Excessive use of grenades made some games frustrating to the point of ridiculousness.

- The Conduit had a huge amount of potential. The campaign was great but a lot of us feel that the online didn't deliver as it should. Try and aim for the 90%'s and give us the shooter us Wii gamers have always anticipated. Best of luck to you!


Thank you for purchasing the Conduit and your compliments regarding the game. We are extremely happy over the reception the Conduit has received in the Wii community. Thank you so much for your kind words on the Conduit. We love to hear what our fans have to say about the software.

Wow, that’s a boat load of information. I can tell you for sure that we have addressed the majority of your control issues (I can’t yet get into detail).

A suggestion to kill the Wii Speak echo that you are experiencing is to use Headphones plugged into your TV with the Wii Speak Mic set in front of you. This will make it so the mic doesn’t pick up the sound from the TV which is what causes the echo. I know it doesn’t solve the problem for your buddies that play without headphones, but at least you will come through clear and without echo.

As far as the matchmaking/server issues you addressed, we aren’t quite ready to give out more information on how that system will work, but keep your eyes on the gaming sights for more information on those features.

Thank you again for your kind words and we look forward to hearing from you for your feedback on Conduit 2 when it is released.


Team High Voltage

Saint's Finals thoughts
I don't think they're going to take much from my email at all, the short and vague response wasn't really what I was hoping for.

User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#3

well, what do you expect? The game is still under development. They cant release too much info. They probably arent planning on releasing info regarding what you said in that e-mail for a while. The info we got now is what we get, so hang in there.

User Info: Shinpies

7 years ago#4
i wonder if there are any buttons available for a wiispeak activation, instead of having it as an open mic?

i love open mic, personally, but only when everyone uses it right, so i think a switch mic is smarter in this case

User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#5
I don't know, usually when HVs goes all vague like that they usually deliver. The stuff they didn't even touch on in the email I wouldn't hold my breath for as of yet. Also, some of the stuff you talked about like dedicated servers, wii speak public and less lag is all in Nintendos hands more than HVSs. But they have been really good about that stuff, and they are gamers themselves so they know what's good and what isn't

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User Info: nyhustler208

7 years ago#6
If they fix these problems along with the graphics and the games hit detection in the last was horrible this game might actually stand a chance
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