Mirrored Models (For Left Handed players)

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User Info: TheLoneDigit

7 years ago#11
Too bad it isn't easy to implement. I would love to see it in. Sometimes I would switch to left handed in counter strike just for the heck of it. And I know my left handed friends would like it.

User Info: TerrorriskX

7 years ago#12

HVSTony posted...
I remember I tired this in the first one but was unsuccessful because the math in the aiming system went a wonky. (Its a LOT more then just flipping the art guys)

Ill bring it up and have a small discussion about it but no promises. We have limited resources and if it proves to take more then just a little time, im sure you guys would rather see better GFX and gameplay.

Oh I know this very well Tony, I was just hoping I gave a generalization to the matter. Thanks for at least giving it the time of day. Hope it works for the sake of lefties.

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