'Nade Spamming.

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#41
But here's the problem; We're not even really talking about nades with this decay thing anymore. We're talking about a system to add depth and competitiveness to the multiplayer now.

Depth and competitiveness > quick-fixes and realism.
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7 years ago#42
I just thought of something else!

after writing a reply in This topic:

I realized something.

That topic is about game speed.

My realization was that...
Decay would make the game speed dynamic, rather than static.

There are people out there who really like the... Really high damage, fast kill, fast paced gameplay.
First to pull the trigger wins.
but there are also those who like longer lives, who enjoy mindgames, and other things that become more important with longer lives.
I was also thinking about how such a small difference can affect the gameplay so much.

With decay, you could potentially have both game types be very important parts of the game.
It could be an amazing game for both types of players, and players in between.

Realistically though, I think the range you could achieve wouldn't be like... the extremes.
because if it was, the decay would not be very subtle.
But, a range, regardless of how limited it is, is still better than a single game type.

Also, few other thoughts.
- Having the two game types could be really interesting competitively, a person who is stronger in getting the first shot may gain the advantage early on, but someone who is more clever may be able to make an interesting comeback as the first hit becomes less and less important.
-Having a faster pace during the beginning of a match will probably result in the gameplay being more engaging. It draws you in fast. I think that is important. like a fast acting drug.

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#43
In the recent interview with Robo Awesome, they said that you specify your grenade load-outs. I wonder if that means there will only be so many of one grenade type that you can carry? That would also contribute to it. While I think that the concept is good, I just think that this would be better suited for something like the rad grenade (its damage decreases over time). As DarkZV2Beta said, however, we're starting to get into gameplay mechanics and nuances rather than just grenade spamming at this point. I'll have to think/research a little more about how this would affect gameplay before I can give you any good counterarguments/more educated opinion.

User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#44
No offense taken Mr Sunfalcon.

I do try different things. Ok not as much as I could. I tried assuming a sniper position.
I've tried run and gun. I try different weapons. I have even joined in a clan and had some training.

That was where the fun kinda stopped. I made some cool friends in there. But I could never be on the same level as my mentors and their rivals. I admit I got constantly owned.

At that point I thought, 'this is interesting but playing the game this way just didn't seem as fun. I want the game to be fun first.'

I decided to go back to the pubs. There I could bomb guilt free and I was less of the little fish in a bigger pond. Cowardice I know but that's the way for me. Occasionally I try different tricks to throw my advisaries off the scent. But I'm a bomber at heart.
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