So when you get online, how are you going to play?

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  3. So when you get online, how are you going to play?

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#21

From: stufa1978 | #019
Nah I mean it's more fun aiming with the remote than just moving the stick.

oh ok. I know what you mean, the wii is a bit more fun to aim with than dual analog.

User Info: FEStrata

7 years ago#22
Strike Rifle and USP.45 is all I need.
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User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#23
Cheers UltimateFlamer.
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

7 years ago#24

From: DarkShadowRage | #012
*Shakes head*

and that's what's wrong with FPS games these days.

How so?

Most FPS games where about quick movement, quick decisions and quick reactions. Most of the people that I knew that played Quake competitively used to do so with the speed of the game faster than normal. I never got used to anything more than x2-x4 at max, but I still enjoyed it (even while getting my ass handed to me).
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#25
Yeah, I used to play UT on 2x speed with a sniper rifle. Lot of fun. Made me feel like such a nublet.
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User Info: Sudsy86_

7 years ago#26

If there is similar jumping, health, and melee strength, I will be super aggressive. If there is no radar, I will be more aggressive.

Otherwise, I'll just play it like every other game it seems it will be like: campy and methodical.

User Info: MC_Brian1

7 years ago#27
Well in TehC I loved using the Strike Rifle and the Deatomizer. I like to sit at mid-range, I can do close very well but long isn't somewhere I like to be in any game. If this game plays like TehC but with more weapon and player variety (as opposed to people running around in Streets blasting eachother at close range) due to the custom classes, then I'm game. I'll be good with a Strike Rifle or something similar with plenty of upgrades, with plenty of health for tanking. If there was something I loved about TehC that isn't found in any other FPS today, it's the feeling after you were just in a massive gunfight with 5 other people and you survive, getting 3 kills in the process, then frantically searching for a health pack.

Anyway, I'm like a Mario sort of guy, I'm good at being average at everything, as opposed to sucking at close and being good at far, or vice versa.
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  3. So when you get online, how are you going to play?

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