i am done with it

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User Info: bltzzguy

7 years ago#1
ok so i am always getting the spawn glitch in public matches in the conduit i need peoples friend codes please tell me yours my friend code is 3953-6435-1142 please! add me

User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#2
I've got used to them.

If a spawn glitch comes on. I just wait till the next match. Depending on the time. I make a cuppa tea or play a little DS. I sometimes take note on the reports. Sometimes they help me pick out who's cheap shotting.

Anyway I'll add you. Though I'm in the UK so I don't know your time zone.

My FC is 4425-9609-2963.

I'm not that good though.
Nintendo translates as Leave luck to Heaven.
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