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User Info: SuperMetroidFTW

7 years ago#1
2% of GameFAQs users have this in their signature. If you're one of the 98% that doesn't, copy and paste this into your signature.

User Info: Rigama

7 years ago#2
Cool, thanks ;D

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#3
Nice signature :D
2% of GameFAQs users have this in their signature. If you're one of the 98% that doesn't, copy and paste this into your signature.

User Info: The_Noah01

7 years ago#4
Very informative, IGN was one of the sites that took TC for its true gameplay over generics, I'd love to see how IGN sees this game at E3, they usually do awesome coverage.

User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#5
Two dozen weapons, destructable armour, sprinting, flipping over things like tables for cover... sounding good so far!

User Info: Combo_Breaker1

7 years ago#6
woaah vortex blaster...
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User Info: Sylus2015

7 years ago#7
Woah. All this stuff is very impressive. Extremely impressive, in fact.
1) Tighter security to prevent the hacker issues
2) 2 dozen weapons
3) More variety of enemies + boss battles
4) Destructible body armor (Impressive for a graphics engine on the Wii to handle this.
5) Sprinting
6) Movable environment for cover
7) More open level designs
8) Deeper story telling
9) Online/Offline Co-Op
10) More online customization
11) Offline split-screen multiplayer (Finally, a game gets it right by allowing us to play against friends because we all know that trash-talking our friends is one of the simple pleasures in life xD)
12) More polished graphics.

I must say, if HVS can actually pull all of this stuff off in the final build, they might just redefine the Wii and the "limits" that many devs have used to excuse their laziness.
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User Info: guttertalk

7 years ago#8
What will be interesting to see is whether fans that dismissed TCon will give Con2 a chance. Reading through the IGN comments, I think so. To a certain extent, at least, HVS has to compete any modern FPS, not just those on the Wii to get that second look from people.

IMO, local multiplayer and coop are significant features to get gamers' attention, but I think the whole set of features is good, too. The 360 has a number of successful FPS that have these features (or fewer). If the story looks good, there are some good, distinctive weapons, I think this will get second looks--at least from those that aren't HD fanboys.

User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#9
The new screenshots showing the jungle and a close-up of the Leviathan look superb.

User Info: thediaoman

7 years ago#10
I'm glad HVS took my suggestion for adding improvisable cover like tables....
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